Dentist Prices & Costs

Prices and individual treatment plans are discussed openly prior to dental treatment. Informed consent to treatment including costs is extremely important to you and to us and your opinions and decisions will be respected. Written estimates will be provided for you.

Our Services Prices
General Dentistry
Check-ups £44.80
White Fillings /Cosmetic Bonding From £89
Inlays and Onlays From £388.80
Porcelain Crowns From £595
Root Canal From £322
Dentures £POA
Extractions From £105
Bridges & Implant Restoration £670
Cosmetic Dentistry
Smile makeover £POA
From £325
Teeth Whitening £290.00
Other Services
Night Guards From £105.50
Sports Guards From £99
New Patients Referrals Payment Packages